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Professionals - Working with Nature

Nature's Own Lawns
of Scotch Plains
Division of Outdoor Space
Management & Design


Services Include:
  • Lawn Care
    The most advanced lawn care system available. This system provides for the entire grass ecosystem, not just the tops of the grass plants. No other system available can do as much. We care for the soil, the roots and the leaves. We also provide insect, disease, weed and grub control!

  • Shrub and Tree Care
    We also care for shrubs and trees with the same philosophy, we care for the entire ecosystem. We promote good health first - healthy plants have fewer problems! Our programs include the physical inspection of the plants to determine any problems. Only plants with problems are treated. Working this way, the problems are treated individually. Only the appropriate methods and materials are used, no blanket sprays. This reduces overall pesticide use and significantly increases control, plant health and quality of the overall landscape while protecting beneficial insects.

A Little History:

My name is Kevin Morrison and I started this business in 1985 while attending Cook College, Rutgers Univ., where I specialized in turf management and landscape design. Upon graduation I decided the firm would stay small and specialized. My philosophy is functional and naturalistic.

  • I am a certified pesticide applicator.
  • I am trained by Rutgers for integrated pest management (the use of natural and safe methods to control landscape insects and diseases).
  • I have numerous continuing education class credits from Rutgers.
  • I annually attend class to update my pesticide training requirements.

Nature's Own Lawns
of Scotch Plains
1869 Lake Avenue
Scotch Plains, NJ 07076